Casino War – Your Favorite Childhood Game Is Back

Casino War is dipped into a table with seats for 7 players. 6 or 8 decks of playing cards are stacked in a dealership shoe managed by a house dealership.
The goal is for the player to beat the dealership with a greater ranking card. All cards are ranked as in poker where the most affordable rank is a deuce (2). The ace is constantly high while fits are unimportant when playing Casino War.


Players need to initially make an ante wager prior to being dealt one card face up. The dealership likewise gets one card up. If the player’s card ranks greater than the dealerships, the player wins even money. If not, your house takes the wager. If both the player and dealership cards are the very same rank, the player has (2) options:.

Choice One

Fight by positioning an extra wager equal to the initial bet on top of the card. The dealership will then burn (dispose of) 3 cards before dealing the 2nd card confront the player. Dealership repeats the very same for him or herself. If the player wins s/he will be paid 2 to 1 on the war wager just. The ante goes to your home. A tie with the dealership on the 2nd card is a bonus offer for the player with a 4 to 1 payment.

Casino game

Choice Two

Give up by not making a War wager. The player should then surrender 1/2 of the initial ante. Throughout my play I saw nobody surrender. Give up is not the suggested method as this alternative is constantly a loss for the player and a win for your house.

If you’re not familiar with the term house edge, it’s an integrated in benefit for the casino. The above % quantity just suggests that the casino anticipates winning $2.88 for every single $100 you bet at the game in time. Now that does not indicate that you’re going to win $97.12 each time you’ve bet $100. This is over the long term. With luck and wise play in any game, you can win over the short-term.

Side Bet

A side bet is readily available where a player can bet that their very first card will connect the dealership’s card. The winning payment is an appealing 10 to 1 but this option has a substantial house edge of about 18 %. Guidelines might differ a little in between jurisdictions for all winning payments and side bets.

Casino game


The basic technique for this game happens when the choice to go to war. If you opt to fight, your house edge is 2.88%. If you opt to give up, the edge leaps to 3.7%.