Winning the Lottery – The Quantum Leap

A True – Life Story from a Two Time Million Dollar Winner


There are many different ways to play lotto but there are a few ways to win.

I have won a million dollar lottery. Oh yes! I have won it twice.

Also, I do have smaller wins every month. But I must tell you, I don’t play the lottery the way 99% of people do.

For the records, my major wins over a period of 6 years have been $81,400, $18,964, $1,102,242, $16,236, $14,234, $13,725, $10,349, $1,434,046, $7,331 and $5,321 I will show you proofs of my wins with time

All these winnings did not all come at once, and it does not mean I win every time I play. I am not trying to sell fables to you.

The truth be told, there is no easy way to play and win every time or week.

Anybody who tells you that he has the strategy for the large win of lotto every week is just cooking fables. But it is possible to have strategies for constant small wins and occasional large wins.

In this article, I am going to share with you that which I do differently to win large lotto figures. This strategy can possibly boost your chances of winning big lotteries and/or increase your frequency of small wins.

Here are the things I do differently.

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Tailor Your Budget to the Lotto Jackpot

Here is a point people miss out. If you are playing for $1 million dollars or for $10 million dollars it will cost you the same amount and it is the same odd you will need to play.
The difference between playing for $ 1 million and for $100 million is in the fact that if I am playing for $ 1 million I would have to stake like $30 – $50 all alone. But if I am staking $30 – $50 for $100 million, I will need to join 19 other people in order to raise a collective staking price of $600 – $1000. Nobody will contribute more than the other or more than they can afford to get.

One good thing about this staking method is that it gives the opportunity to put in a larger and bigger entry thereby increasing the possibility and tendency to win big.


Arrange your Lotto Numbers

For over a century, it has been proven that picking 6 winning lotto numbers at once is not possible. However, people have not stopped trying this random method. To get all of the 6 winning lotto numbers does not require rocket science technology. Unlike other lotto players who just try their luck to randomly picking numbers, I arrange the lotto numbers to help increase luck.

Next, I ensure that I play ALL the 49 lottery numbers in different batches. By so doing you somehow have all the winning lotto numbers in the whole entry.

For instance; (remember this is just for illustration sake)

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20

21 – 22 – 23 – 24 – 25 – 26 – 27 – 28 – 29 – 30

31 – 32 – 33 – 34 – 35 – 36 – 37 – 38 – 39 – 40

41 – 42 – 43 – 44 – 45 – 46 – 49 – 48 – 49 – 19


In the above arrangement, you will realize that something is different from what you used to know.

You would notice that each group is made up of 10 numbers instead of 6. Well, that is my strategy which I will give more details to later.

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System of play

The staking price for lotto varies in different part of the world. But we will be looking at the generic idea. For a “full” lotto system 10, you are required to play 210 games; this describes the sets of 6-number combinations that are in 49 numbers. While for 5 sets of 10 number combinations you will need to play about 1050 games. This requires about 20 – 30 people putting their heads together for a massive jackpot. If your 10 numbers are 5 pairs, be rest assured that with 50 overall games you would have covered about 3 pairs. And if the 3 pairs out of the 5 pairs have the 6 winning lotto numbers then you are a lucky winner of a jackpot.


The Joint Approach

For a while now, the “joint Approach” has been a major pillar to our success story.

This is how it works. As soon as the lotto jackpot is small we all play singly or alone. But as soon as the lotto jackpot starts increasing, we merge together and channel our resources as individuals to form a stronger team and play massively.

You may decide to merge as a family, group of friends, or even ask your lotto agent to group you with others for a group entry.

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For example, if $100 million is the jackpot offered on the ground, if about 20 people merged together to play the game, it simply means that each of them will bag home $5million each. This jointed approach gives room for resource gathering, shared risk, and a jointed means to problem-solving.

Know the Game

Understanding how the game works will help you know the different dynamics of the game. In most cases, most people do not have much idea or very little idea about the game. For instance, if you understand how the odds of particular game work, you’d be able to get more facts as to the probability of a game-winning.


Lotto Number Patterns

Understanding the number pattern of lotto is very vital and interesting.

Most times, a lotto number combination that has 3 odd and 3 even numbers has more tendency to be successful than any lotto number combination that has all 6 odd numbers or all 6 even numbers.

For example, a survey of 1000 result was conducted from the New Jersey 6 – 49 lottery.

Out of the 1000 results;

384 games ended with 3 odd numbers and 3 even numbers

263 games ended with 4 odd and 2 even numbers

254 games ended with 2 odd and 4 even numbers making a total of 791 games. These 3 types of results showed that 8 weeks out of every 10 occurrences have a combination of both even and odd numbers.

Out of the whole 1000 games, only 10 games had all odd number and only 10 also had all even numbers as their result.

The study and understanding of these result outcomes help you to play in such a way that games earn positive results for you.


Successive Lotto Numbers

Another important thing you need to note when playing is that for a 6 number lotto games you should not include more than 3 successive numbers. The reason is simple. The research conducted on the 1000 result from the New Jersey 6 – 49 lottery, showed that out of the 1000 games played. 512 games result did not have any successive numbers. 388 had only two consecutive numbers making a total of 900. This result showed that the probability of having a lottery combination that does not have at least 3 consecutive numbers is 9 weeks out of 10.

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Grouping Lotto Numbers

When choosing lotto number from a 6 – 49 lottery system, I usually group the numbers into 3 groups.

Group 1                     1 to 16

Group 2                     17 to 32

Group 3                     33 to 49

Result history has shown that for most weeks, the 6 winning lottery numbers are always between the 1st and 3rdd numbers from the 3 groups. This is where our 10 – number system comes in. with our 10 – number system, you can rest assured that you have included the first 3 numbers from the 3 different groups and also the 4th number from one of the group.

The New Jersey 6 – 49 lottery system supports this method of ours. The system showed that out of the 1000 results played, 669 fit this system; this is equivalent to a possibility of 2 weeks out of every 3.

In conclusion, these are the best approach you can employ to have that million dollar lottery win of yours.

All you need to do is arrange or organize your lotto numbers, next understand how the system works, follow the pattern and methods explained above and increase your chances of winning.