The Truth About Free Casino Bonuses

If you are an avid online gambler, I’m pretty sure you would have noticed that online casinos tend to be more abundant and more generous in their attempts to lure players to their platforms.

They offer very tempting and huge sums of money as free bonuses in a bid to compete over players.

If you are a player who is considering taking up any of these offers, this article will help you. We are going to look at the various offers that are available and also understand the truth behind these free bonuses.

The first thing we need to look at is why there are now so many online casinos. The real answer is that many online casinos are now thriving because of the changes in legislation.

This is majorly because online businesses have smaller overheads when compared to physical businesses. Their flourishing also means more bonuses and better rewards for online gamblers because online casinos now have more money to throw around.

They can afford to come up with different ways to attract and compete for players and gamblers in the name of free bonuses to play on any of their virtual tables.

Now, let us look at the different types of bonuses that are available. We can categorize them into 5 major groups, namely the no deposit bonus, the first deposit reward, first deposit bonuses associated only with poker rooms, first deposit casino bonuses and all the varying different reload rewards.

The No Deposit Bonus: This is a free gift of large sums of money that sometimes comes with signing up. It is supposedly without any strings attached. You don’t have to deposit to get it.

Sometimes, it is just a marketing tool employed by casinos to get players and gamblers to try out their games. It usually comes with some safeguards so that players don’t just collect and run away with their money.

For instance, in some cases, the player is allowed to play with these free casino bonuses as a free trial for a given number of days. If he likes it, he has to deposit money to continue playing.

In another case, the player is allowed to play and earn winnings on it but the only catch is that he can only withdraw the bonus with his winnings after he makes a deposit.

It’s not a bad deal because you really can’t win anything without first playing.

abstract background of casino bonus vintage sign and confetti

The First Deposit Rewards: These are actually similar to the no deposit bonuses in the sense that you get offers of large amounts of money before you begin playing any game. The major difference is that you get this reward after your first deposit.

These rewards can either be a specific amount or a percentage amount. This means that it is either a lump cash sum of money or a particular percentage of your deposit. One is usually higher than the other depending on whichever one is being offered.

For instance, an online casino can offer you 25 % of your initial deposit as a bonus while their cash bonus is around $250. This means that your deposit is most likely $1000.

On the flip side, another online casino may offer a whopping 200% reward on your first deposit while their maximum cash bonus is $200 based on a deposit of $100.  So we see that while one is small, the other is big.

The First Deposit Bonuses Associated Only With Poker Rooms: The thing with playing in the poker room is that the player must have played a minimum number of hands before you can get a free poker room bonus. This also tends to come with a time limit.

Oftentimes, casinos tend to pay larger bonuses in installments. Now, you may be worried that the number of hands you must play to win the bonus is intimidating but it’s usually easy to achieve.

For instance, with a mainstream online poker game, you can manage to rake in as much as 100 or more games per hour.

The casino first deposit bonus: In order to get this bonus, you are expected to first wager a specific amount of money before you can qualify for the bonus. Normally, this bonus is deposited into the player’s account as soon as he has made his initial deposit.

However, in certain cases, the bonus is not credited into the player’s account until after 1 or 2 days. In such cases, the player would still be able to play with the bonus but he will not be able to withdraw the bonus as part of his winnings.

It is still a fair deal, especially when you consider the fact that it is still free money, so you really can’t complain.

Different Reload Rewards: This is a marketing tool used by casinos with the intention of keeping their gamblers or players. So they offer to reload bonuses at intervals to get players to keep reloading their accounts.

Depending on each casino, the reload bonuses may be a regular occurrence or just at certain times or in relation to specific amounts of deposits.

Online casinos also offer different promotional rewards as incentives for players to reload their accounts.

For instance, during the holiday seasons, some online casinos offer cash rewards for all deposits made during that period. Each offer usually comes with its own requirements or conditions.

Most reload bonuses work the same way as the first deposit. Many players tend to take advantage of these offers becomes it gives them more money to play with and allows more opportunities to explore different other games.

The truth is it is all free money and you can take advantage of them because it gives you more money and more options to work with. What is most important is to make sure you read the fine prints before you take up any offers of bonuses.

You must also ensure that you always play at a reputable, well-known and trusted casino site. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the terms of the free casino bonuses on each casino you choose to sign up.